Minefield the future 64 bit browser

64 bit Minefield

Nowadays 64 bit compatible processors and 64 bit operating systems are almost common. Most of the application developer are now creating 64 bit software to satisfy the need of High RAM consuming application like adobe CS4 and CS5. 

Mozilla is also creating their own 64 bit version of firefox named Minefield. Currently I am using the "trunk build" of Minefield which makes me one of the Mozilla's QA community.  Some say it is called as Minefield because it works like a "mine", but some says it is just unofficial optimized builds of Firefox.

Most of the users, experience extension incompatibility, crashed while opening multiple tabs and frequent crash while viewing youtube. Fortunately I solved it by creating new profile for Minefield. Also the incompatibility issues is solve by using  Nightly Tester Tools.  The updates for the application is almost everyday and every update makes the Minefield stable.

Though Minefield is still on the test tube, still, I highly recommend this for those savvy that is using computer 64 bit computer architecture. In this way we are helping molding the future of the 64 bit Mozilla Firefox.

Builds can be found here....

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  1. I just wished they made their minds up! Developers, inventors and geniuses out there keep coming with new technology, ideas and gizmos to "enhance" our internet experience. Fine by me. But WHY subject us to the ordeal of having to update our machines every couple of years? Computers should be just ONE cable, hooked up to a GIANT CENTRAL machine somewhere and all "updates" should be made by the developers themselves, while we are just sitting at home USING (instead of updating) the service. I love 64 bit, but I can smell 128 bit in the air. Give it a couple of years and it'll be 256. Nature of the beast, I guess. And the beast is HUNGRY for bits. Saludos. R.


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